Filter Housing

All Harmsco filter housings are made of electro-polished stainless steel and have a flow rate from 5 to 272 m2 in a single unit.

UP-FLOW patented technology let the air self purge and 100% utilization of square surface area for better results and performances.

Hurricane housings of centrifugal separation comprise a double chamber ; the water tangentially enters the first chamber creating a rotational flow able to eliminate the heavier suspended solids then enter the second chamber where it is filtered by the cartridge media.

Swing Bolt housings are units of considerable flow rate that benefit of reduced maintenance costs ten times lower than conventional housings. : for example the housings of 272 m2 contains 8 big cartridges against 200 cartridges included in the conventional ones: which housing would you service to?

Waterguard combines 4 different types of filtration and UV sterilization to get an absolute water quality.