Harmsco  engineers and manufactures potable, municipal, ground, process, surface, storm water, and wastewater filtration solutions, specializing in pre-filtration for reverse-osmosis systems. We produce housing with patented Hurricane and Up flow  technology that provide superior performance, energy saving and a significant reduction in maintenance costs and management. Single cartridge filter, multicartridge, cyclonic separation, all made in  Stainless steel electropolished  304-316- and Superduplex.  Special filters for sea water. Genuine Harmsco cartridges washable and reusable with pleated design for more surface area.


Harmsco® LT2 cartridges and housings exceed the three-log (99.9%) removal requirement described in LT2 ESWTR Toolbox Guidance Manual 8.4.1. for cyst-sized particles. For this reason, Harmsco LT2 filter cartridge elements are ideal to control cryptosporidium, giardia cysts and other harmful microorganisms to help ensure  safe drinking water in communities , residences , hospitals.


Harmsco Europe’s Residential, is focused on the water treatment of your house. Made to remove suspended solid, arsenic, iron and manganese,  chemicals from drinking water in individual household, our products are all made in U.S.A. to grant you high quality and safe water. The residential product line includes single tap or point-of-use (POU) systems and whole house or point-of-entry (POE) systems.

Pool & SPA

Harmsco Pool & Spa Filter Housing and Cartridges are ideal for those who pretend  a superior  water quality, compact design, and want to reduce energy   and maintenance cost  and save water. NO Backwash needed . Reduce by 40% the energy consumption compared to conventional sand filters

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