Harmsco Europe azienda

Harmsco Europe

The successful story of Harmsco Europe began in the early 80’s by Enzo’s and Gabriella’s  Stracagnolo  wish to establish an Italian company leader in water and liquid filtration.
In 1982 Enzo met Mr John Harms, one of the greatest innovator in the water filtering industry and especially a trustworthy man.

Since then they established a solid business relationship which carries on today with the current chairman of Harmsco Inc., John’s son,  Mr Harold Hank Harms.
Born in 1991 Harmsco Italia, thanks to Enzo’s and Gabriella’s devotion, commitment and resolution, acquired rapidly a position in the national water filtration market.
Wide range offer, high quality products and professional support are Harmsco Europe’s peculiarities. In few years Harmsco Europe became the official European representative of Harmsco Filtration Products.
In 2007 Enzo has planned the succession appointing his son, Mr Rudy Stracagnolo, as General manager of Harmsco Europe.
Quick supply, always updated stock and over 30 years experience in water filtration fulfil over 700 loyal customer.