Laboratory test using AC Coarse Test Dust shows Harmsco® pleated filter cartridges save money because they:

✔ Remove more solids

✔ Filter longer

✔ Can be cleaned and reused in most applications

Harmsco® 801        Harmsco®Waterbetter    Resin Bonded      Melt Blown Spun      String WoundPolypro




Test Summary:



  Harmsco® 801                  Harmsco®


Resin Bonded    


Melt Blown Spun 


String Wound
Solid Removed



340 gr   198 gr 93.3 gr   70.0 gr  59.3 gr
Elapsed Time



16.8 min  11.08 min 2.8 min    1.97 min   1.33 min
Cleanable e Reusable Yes     Yes     No    No     No 


Tests conducted with course test dust and 3% solids using 5 micron cartridges. Filtration was terminated when each cartridge reached its capacity and experienced a 30 psi pressure differential. Cartridges were weighed prior to and after filtration tests to determine solids removed. * Minutes to achieve 30 psiÄp