Poly PLeat® Series Filter Cartridges : Absolute rated one micron filter media removes cyst-sized particles for safe cyst-free drinking water . In particular removes: Cryptosporidium ; Giardia cysts.

Certified : NSF/ANSI STANDARD 61

Independent Lab Validated

To verify the performance of Poly-Pleat™ cartridges and Harmsco® filter housings, Pace Analytical*, a highly respected independent testing facility, was selected to conduct challenge tests to the NSF 53-2007 protocol for cysts reduction.

The NSF 53-2007 protocol consists of two side-by-side systems operating on a 10-minute on / 10-minute off cycle. Polystyrene 3-micron beads were injected after the 8th cycle and at 25%, 50% and 75% reduction in flow rate. Results are listed below :

Results of Challenge Tests

Sample Point               Particle Size(microns)             Percent Reduction
8th Cycle                              3                                        99.92
25% Reduction                      3                                        99.95
50% Reduction                      3                                        99.96
75% Reduction                      3                                        99.95