Patented Filter Housing Design saves up to 20% Energy Costs!

Harmsco Filtration Products announces that power consumption vs. throughput testing demonstrates that filterhousings utilizing Harmsco’s Tangential Entry designs are far superior to conventional cartridge-type filters and, at  higher flow rates, actually save up to 20% in Electricity Costs!

Harmsco’s intelligent design utilizes the energy available from pumping velocity of the water to create a rotational and centrifical prefiltration flow that smoothly enters the filter housing tangentially, rather than slamming up against a baffle that consumes pump energy, which is typical of all other generic cartridge-type filter housings.

This one factor can save tremendous amounts of energy when considering operational costs of a water treatment plant.



A study was performed that compares the electrical operational requirements (pump current, amps) between a Harmsco® Hurricane® HUR filter housing and a conventional multi-round housing. Test guidelines were within manufacturer’s recommended flow rates (same for both filters).


Tests were conducted with clean Harmsco® polyester cartridges; parameters were equal, such as5-micron and same sq. ft. The test reservoir used was clean, no loading. Time elapsed: 3 hrs. per test.


Flow rate was controlled by a VFD that controlled the pump by setting/adjusting the frequency. Current measured was going into the VFD (this is the electricity that is required). No flow control mechanical valves were incorporated which would distort (and make equal) the electrical draw.

Test Results

Test data indicates that switching from standard housings to Hurricane® can reduce electrical operating costs by up to 20% (at 450 gpm flow rate, see graphs below).